Freckleton Church of England Primary School

Parish School of Holy Trinity Church

School Lane, Freckleton, Preston, Lancashire PR4 1PJ

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 Freckleton Church of England Primary School is proud of its History- both in terms of the curriculum it seeks to impart and the rich resource which the village itself brings as an archive and a tangible primary source of information.

Events such as the Freckleton air disaster and buildings such as Balderstone Mill and the Ship Inn have much documentation written about them as does Freckleton itself. The opportunity this offers the children for study is hugely rewarding and enjoyable particularly when the focus of a lot of our history is on our own locality. It is a truism to say ‘How do we know it is us without our past?’ Locality studies inevitably help inform and increase the children’s curiosity about history throughout time and throughout the world.

History is taught by class teachers using a topic based approach as recommended by the Lancashire County Council’s Curriculum 2014 scheme of work. Regular history lessons take place at Freckleton School, covering a wide range of Historical events, people and significant eras such as Egyptians, Baghdad, Romans and Ancient Greece. Details of the topics covered are on each class’s long-term curriculum overview and further details may be on each class’s own area of the website.

History is well resourced with individual topic boxes accessible to each year group. Boxes contain a wide range of materials including artefacts and photographs. Occasionally visitors are invited into school to talk about matters of interest or to share their expertise. When there are significant historical events such as a Royal Wedding or Olympic Games the whole school focus may be upon this as these are serendipitous events to be made the most of.

Children are given the opportunity to air their views about history to say for example, what they like and dislike about history and the way it is taught. Through this method of pupil conferencing teachers are able to amend and improve the curriculum accordingly. Current feedback indicates that history is a much loved subject and pupils find the study of it richly rewarding.


History National Curriculum 2014.pdf