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We use synthetic phonics throughout the school. We follow Letters and Sounds as our main tool and utilise a mixture of resources to support this. The teaching of phonics begins in our Foundation Stage Class primarily using Jolly Phonics to introduce children to the sounds, progressing towards the other aspects of Letters and Sounds as further sounds are introduced. In order to best support the development of all children, they are organised into guided groups from late reception through years one and two. These groups remain fluid so children can move between them as needed.

Within our school library there is a wide ranging selection of books, incorporating a range of reading schemes. This ensures children have breadth of choice and opportunity in their reading, and ensures our books appeal to all children’s interests. Our books are split into coloured groups following the book banding system recommended by the Institute of Education, University of London and produced by UK Reading Recovery National Network .We encourage parents to hear their children read at least 4 out of 7 days a week, preferably daily, and have reward systems in school to support the partnership of achieving this. Additional support is put into place for those children who need it in order to support them to achieve the expected level in the Phonics Test at the end of Year One and reading by the end of Key Stage One.

In KS2 children identified as having a difficulty with phonics and reading continue to participate in regular additional phonics and reading sessions. This includes the use of one to one intervention.



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phonics screening test

In 2011 the government introduced the statutory testing of phonics for Year 1 children. The test comprises of a mixture of real and nonsense words which children have to decode/read. Our results for the phonics screening test are below.

Year 1 children who do not pass the phonics test, or who are not submitted, are identified and targeted in the summer term, before receiving additional support and/or more specific phonic intervention in Year 2; these children are re-tested during Year 2 Term 3 to track their progress.

Y1 Phonics Screening Test

2012 school

2012 Local Authority

2012 England

2013 Term 3 retest

% reaching threshold





Y1 Phonics Screening Test

2013 school

2013 Local Authority

2013 England

2014 Term 3 retest

% reaching threshold





Y1 Phonics Screening Test

2014 school

2014 Local Authority

2014 England

2015 Term 3 retest

% reaching threshold 88.9% 75.8% 74% 100%
Y1 Phonics Screening Test 2015 School 2015 Local Authority 2015 England 2016 Term 3 Retest
% reaching threshold 94.7% 77.1% 77% 100%
Y1 Phonics Screening Test 2016 School

2016 Local Authority

2016 England  2017 Term 3 Retest 
% reaching threshold  86.7%  80.6% 81%  75% 
Y1 Phonics Screening Test 2017 School

2017 Local Authority

2017 England  2018 Term 3 Retest 
% reaching threshold  96.7% 


81%  Unknown