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History Subject Statement of Intent


It is He who changes the times and the epochs, He removes kings and establishes kings, He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding. Daniel 2:21


 History can mean two things- the past and the study of the past. The past includes all aspects of our lives that have gone before. History shapes the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong. Learning about the past and the methods used to study it helps pupils to make sense of the world in which they live. History is about real people and real events, interacting upon each in the past. It is important that we can find out what has happened in the past through the use of actual evidence which comes from many sources and is presented in many ways. Through history, pupils will develop the concepts of continuity and change which are frequently part of our everyday experience. Pupils will also gain knowledge and understanding about some of today’s situations when looking at them within an historical context.


Primary National Curriculum  History