Freckleton Church of England Primary School

Parish School of Holy Trinity Church

School Lane, Freckleton, Preston, Lancashire PR4 1PJ

01772 632350

School Policies & Procedures

A paper copy of any information on the school's website is available free of charge from the School Office.

Admission Arrangements

04032 Freckleton Determined 2020 Admissions Arrangements UPDATED.pdf

04032 Freckleton Determined 2019 Admissions Arrangements.pdf

2018 Admission Arrangements.pdf

2017 Admission Arrangements.pdf


Behaviour Policy October 2018 FINAL.pdf

Freckleton Church of England Primary School Anti-Bullying Policy January 2019.pdf

Code of Conduct 2019 updated logo.pdf


Communicating with Parents

Attendance Policy and Procedural Framework January 2019.pdf

Community Cohesion January 2019.pdf

Healthy Eating Policy March 2018.pdf

Homework Policy.pdf

SEND Policy (Also see our SEN & Disability Page and our Local Offer)


Complaints Policy and Procedures Autumn 2017.pdf

Complaints Flowchart.pdf

FRECKLETON complaint_form._edit_in_word.docx


Freckleton Curriculum Policy December 2018.pdf

Individual Subject Policies can be found on the curriculum pages, click here to go to the Curriculum Overview; other discrete policies can be found below:

Able Gifted and Talented Policy.pdf

Drug Education.pdf

Equalities Policy.pdf

Learning and Teaching Policy.pdf

Marking Policy.pdf

Sex Education Policy.pdf

SMSC Policy.pdf

Worship Policy Spring 2019.pdf


Charging Policy January 2019.pdf

Control & Disposal of Assets Policy 2019.pdf

Debt Management Policy December 2018.pdf

Lettings Policy January 2019.pdf

Pupil Premium Policy October 2018.pdf

Health & Safety and Safeguarding

2019 Online Safety Policy.pdf

2019 Freckleton AUP Staff.pdf

2019 Freckleton AUP Children.pdf

Administration of Medicine February 2019.pdf


Freckleton CE Primary Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy updated October 2018.pdf