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FRECKLETON Church of England Primary School

Parish School of Holy Trinity Church

Worship Group 2022-2023

Worship Group 2022-2023

Chair: Lacey Till

Year 3

Talia Eccleston-Coyne and

Jayden Postles

Year 4

Lauren Barr and Maea McMurtry

Year 5

Cora Johnson and Maisie Eaves

Year 6

Pete Thomas and Kaylee Bateman

Methodist Church Christmas Displays

On Friday 2nd December all the children in school and Freckles visited Freckleton Methodist Church to see the Community Christmas Displays made by the different groups of our village community. The Freckles Christmas Display was ‘It was on a Starry Night’ and the school Christmas Display, made by the Worship Group, was ‘Hark, the Herald Angels Sing’.

Freckles and Worship group 'buddied up' to visit Freckleton Methodist Church.

Worship Group’s

First Church Service

Worship Group were amazing! Each child carried out an important role in our  Armistice Day Act of Remembrance for the whole school at Holy Trinity Church.

Last year's Worship group 'stood down' after organising the Harvest Service and completing their final display:

'Elijah and the Ravens'

Worship Group 2021-2022 have chosen the Bible Story of Elijah and the Ravens for their final display as they felt that the story of Elijah being fed in the ’Raven’s Ravine Restaurant’  shows the Christian Value of FAITH in action.  Elijah trusted God to provide for all of his needs.  This was especially relevant at Harvest Time when we remembered to thank God for all he has proved for us throughout the year and thought about sharing what we have when we provided donations to the Fylde Food Bank.


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